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Eat Fit by DNAfit

Learn about the different macronutrients: fat, carbs and protein, as well as how to choose the healthiest options and manage your portions.

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What's in the guide?

Learn why we need carbs & how to choose the healthiest carbs


Learn what protein does for your body & the best protein sources


Learn why we need fats & the healthiest fats for a balanced diet


Tips to master portion control for sustainable weight management


About the Author

Deidre Huysamen

Deidre Huysamen 
Registered Dietician

Deidre completed her Bachelor of Dietetics with Honours at the University of Pretoria (South Africa) and is one of DNAfit's in-house dieticians. She also studied neuroscience and has a keen interest in nutrigenomics and paediatric nutrition. Deidre makes a mean green smoothie and is the DNAfit meal prepping queen. 

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